Letter from the creator

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KeapN Positive is that reminder to the world.

Dear All,

   Why KeapN Positive? Well life is far too short to carry the burden of a negative outlook on it. Thinking and living positively attracts positive experiences into your life. After 25 years of military service and multiple deployments I was fortunate to retire with everything God gave me at birth, except a peace of mind. I found my peace in a positive community, built of my family and friends. Everyone seemed to push a positive message my way. "Keep moving forward good things will come", "Think positive and positive things will happen", "Look on the bright side and the negative things will fade", "You are loved", and "We appreciate you". Just some of the things they would say to help me get through those hard times. Those inspirational words they gave helped but weren’t constant and how could I expect my loved ones to spend all their days trying to keep me in the right mindset. So, I used to write those encouraging things down in a notebook, I even went as far as to leave notes around just as a reminder to stay positive. It didn’t replace family and friends, but it helped a little.

   I wanted to get back to the person I used to be. The fun, outgoing, and positive thinker I used to be. I had to find something positive to focus on, but it was hard. Everywhere I looked I could only see the negative. People hurting people, people dealing with a sickness and death, if not them, their loved ones, or just those negative thinkers. Somehow, I managed to make it through the feelings of having nothing worth living or fighting for. I mean I went to a dark place. A place not even my wife knew I had visited. I could have been in the same room as someone else, even caring on a conversation and I would still feel alone.

   I have so much more I want to share but I don’t want to depress anyone reading this by telling my sad story. Just understand the road was long and rough but KeapN Positive is the goal. The saying is "Misery loves company". There is some truth to that, however, I am Absolutely certain that, sharing positivity can have a tremendous impact on others' lives. Your own positivity and optimism can be infectious. When you radiate positivity, others around you are likely to absorb it. Its efforts can create significant impacts. By sharing positivity, you not only make someone else's day better, you also contribute to creating a more positive and compassionate world. This is what I want “KeapN Positive” to mean.

   Choosing a unique message has several advantages and can make communication more effective and meaningful. I want this unique message to be a sign to show, you are not alone, a non-verbal signal to communicate with likeminded people, who want a world a little more positive, a little more compassionate. I want everyone to know they have value, they are loved, and are appreciated know matter what they are facing. I believe the uniqueness of this message will be more memorable. I want it to stand out from the routine messages people receive, making it more likely to be remembered and cherished.

   I want those who are battling with or have survived a life-threatening illness, abuse, or a sexual assault to see that it is a testament to human resilience, courage, and the power of hope that will see them through. The journey is undoubtedly challenging but surviving it, you can. Not only can you survive it, but you can also thrive after. I want KeapN Positive to be those words of encouragement, the sign that you are not alone, the symbol that gives you a little more strength to push through or face what is before you.  

   Yes, surviving and weathering any storm takes strength. But it does not stop there, you do not, just accept surviving or settling for less than what you truly deserve, no matter the aspect of life, such as relationships, career, and personal fulfillment. Remember your self-respect, set high standards, and pursue those goals and dreams with determination and perseverance. By not settling for less, you should always strive for excellence and work towards achieving your full potential. Be your own advocate, stand up for your rights, and pursue opportunities that align with your aspirations.

    So, KeapN Positive is “buying into the brighter side of life” no matter what you are faced with. This does mean settling for things the way they are. Aways make the most of what you have and whenever possible affect change by displaying a kind gesture, doing or saying something positive. It may be just the encouragement needed for someone to survive whatever it is they are going through or faced with.

So, when asked, how are you today? Reply I’m KeapN Positive