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KeapN Positive is a mindset I have embraced as
my view on life, especially in this day and time. True that some things are
easier said than done but visualizing it, speaking it, and representing it, is
a Start. KeapN Positive is “buying into the brighter
side of life” no matter what you are faced with. This does not mean settling for
things the way they are. Aways make the most of what you have and whenever
possible affect change by doing or saying something positive.

"Thank you for supporting veterans"

What does "KeapN Positive" mean?

What is the actual meaning to KeapN Positive. KeapN (a noun from the word "keap" or plural form "keapen") means "1. buying or purchase 2. What was bought, purchased" from a Germanic term which means "to trade, purchase and goedkeap meaning inexpensive" of something, in this case it is a Positive look on life.